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Essay about Sonnet 2 Analysis - 712 Words

Sonnet 2 Analysis The sonnets by Shakespeare convince a young, handsome friend of Shakespeare’s to have children to forever keep his beauty alive. However this changes after a number of sonnets. Shakespeare stresses that this beauty will not last, and that it is selfish and foolish for him not to prepare for the loss of his beauty and youth. The only way he can truly prepare is to rear a child so that his son can carry on his name and all his wonderful qualities, including his unsurpassed beauty. Shakespeare has made it very clear to show his opinion about his friend greediness and not sharing his beauty with the world. The usage of language techniques are used to show his inner thoughts about his friend’s actions. Sonnet†¦show more content†¦Wrinkles will wreck his friend’s beauty and time will form the wrinkles. In lines 3 and 4 Shakespeare tells us that look at the beautiful face while it lasts, when it’s young, but afterwards time will destroy it and it will be worth as little as a â€Å"tatter’d weed†. The tone changes in lines 5 and 6 and a rhetorical question is asked in both lines. â€Å"Then being asked, where all thy beauty lies†, and â€Å"Where all the treasure of thy lusty days†. Shakespeare is asking where is the beauty of your youthful days, where has it gone? Lines 7, 8 and 9 suggest that when he is old and his eyes are deep sunken into their sockets, he will only then think of what use he could have put his beauty to rather than greed and self obsession. He then asks a question who deserves more beauty than you do? Lines 10, 11 and 12 go on to say that if he had a child now when he is old if only he could say â€Å"this fair child of mine† shall give an account of my life and prove that I made no misuse of my time on earth. Lines 13 and 14 say he will have relief when his is old if he has someone new to carry on his beauty and he would see his own warm blood flow through his son when he is cold. Many descriptive words have been used and different language techniques have also been used and are very important in Shakespeare’s poems as it gives us more insight and interest inShow MoreRelatedCompare Contrast on Poems.962 Words   |  4 PagesHunt† by Sir Thomas Wyatt and â€Å"Sonnet 67† by Edmund Spenser are sonnets that are very similar at a first glance, but delving deeper, a difference can be found. Both of these sonnets use imagery and figures of speech relating to the hunt of an unobtainable woman as well as that central theme. Through a deeper analysis it is revealed that these two authors have a different interpretation of this failed hunt. A comparison and contrast of â€Å"Whoso List to Hunt† and â€Å"Sonnet 67† reveals that they are veryRead MoreShakespeare s Sonnets : Reoccurring Themes1479 Words   |  6 PagesSorrow†: Reoccurring themes in Shakespeare’s Sonnets. English poet William Shakespeare is known for his astounding works around the world. Sonnets are beautifully constructed and rear lasting truths about the world we live in. All of Shakespeare’s sonnets are in the form of an English sonnet. He used this method so frequently that it has coined the term the Shakspearian sonnet. Shakespeare has written a collection of 154 sonnets’, the first 126 sonnets address a young man and the last, about a womanRead MoreWilliam Shakespeare s Sonnet 30960 Words   |  4 Pagesin his sonnets. Shakespeare s Sonnets clarify the value of human relationships by showing that friendship can end one’s own sadness, that love should be commemorated, and that marriage between true minds is loyal and consistent. â€Å"But if the while I think on thee, dear friend, / All losses are restored and sorrows end.† In Sonnet 30, a past friendship between two mates ends one’s own sadness and selfish sorrows. The speaker’s thoughts and feelings shift greatly throughout Sonnet 30. AsRead More An Analysis of Shakespeares Sonnet 116 Essay536 Words   |  3 PagesAn Analysis of Shakespeares Sonnet 116 Shakespeares Sonnet 116, denying Times harvest of love, contains 46 iambic, 15 spondaic, 6 pyrrhic, and 3 trochaic feet. Like the varying magnitudes of stars that distinguish the skys constellations, infused with myths describing all degrees and types of love, the spondaic, trochaic, and pyrrhic substitutions create a pattern of meaning that can be inferred by the discerning eye and mind. Shakespeare emphasizes his denial of the effects of Time on loveRead MoreThe History of Art, Literature, Music and Philosophy Essay1120 Words   |  5 Pagesbrushwork to create the three-dimensional effect of the picture. Part 2 Literature Read the sonnet by Anna Seward (1742 - 1809), Sonnet. December Morning (Resource book 1, A27). Write a continuous analysis of the poem, using the questions below as the focus for your answer) Questions 1. Explain, using your own words as far as possible, lines 1 to 9, up to the word given. 2. Elaborate what the main purpose of the sestet is, using specific textualRead MoreThomas Grays Sonnet on the Death of Mr Richard West - an Analysis888 Words   |  4 PagesAnalysis – Poetry Sonnet on the Death of Mr. Richard West Thomas Gray 1. Communicative Situation, Theme and Figurative Speech a) Communicative Situation In the poem â€Å"Sonnet on the Death of Mr. Richard West† by Thomas Gray, the speaker can be identified by the use of personal pronouns of the first person singular â€Å"me† (l.1) and â€Å"I† (l.13), as well as the possessive pronoun â€Å"my† (l.7,8). It can be assumed that the speaker is male, since he mentionsRead More An Analysis of Sonnet 64 Essay1365 Words   |  6 PagesAn Analysis of Sonnet 64 The formal structure of Shakespeare’s Sonnet 64 is largely reinforced by the logical and syntactical structure; each of the three quatrains begins with the same extended conditional When I have seen clause and contains the completion of the thought expressed by the clause. However, the first quatrain also contains a second conditional When clause (lines 3-4), and the last two lines of the third quatrain introduce the That result clause for all the foregoing linesRead MoreCritical Analysis of Shakespeares Sonnet 1301111 Words   |  5 PagesCritical analysis of Shakespeare’s Sonnet 130 Shakespeare’s Sonnet 130 compares the speaker’s lover to a number of other beauties—and never in the lover’s favor. Her eyes are â€Å"nothing like the sun,† her lips are less red than coral; compared to white snow, her breasts are dun-colored, and her hairs are like black wires on her head. In the second quatrain, the speaker says he has seen roses separated by color (â€Å"damasked†) into red and white, but he sees no such roses in his mistress’s cheeks; andRead MoreSonnet XVII, by Pablo Neruda Essay examples1180 Words   |  5 PagesRhetorical Analysis of â€Å"Sonnet XVII† An analysis of Pablo Neruda’s â€Å"Sonnet XVII,† from the book 100 Love Sonnets: Cien sonetos de amor, reveals the emotions of the experience of eternal, unconditional love. Neruda portrays this in his words by using imagery and metaphors to describe love in relation to beauty and darkness. The poem also depicts the intimacy between two people. I believe the intent of the poem is to show that true love for another abolishes all logic, leaving one completely exposedRead MoreThe Shakespearean Sonnet Essay639 Words   |  3 Pagestimeless and explain his broad appeal even today. He is highly regarded for his love sonnets which convey an unchanging attitude and consummate romantic imagery that will always exist in the world as long as there are people. He has created words, phrases, and clich#233;s that have become so intrinsic in English language, that many people do not even know they are actually quoting him. Shakespeares Sonnet Let me not to the marriage of true minds is a perfect example of this and one of the

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Unknown Facts About Essay Help Uncovered by an Old Pro

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All over but the shoutin Free Essays

Over but the Shoutin’ In the excerpt from the memoir All Over but the Shoutin’ , the author Rick Bragg highlights the moment when he paid a final visit to his father’s deathbed. In the excerpt, Bragg briefly described his childhood, saying his father abandoned his wife and sons, and left them to beg, and scrap for food and money. He saw his father as a drunken monster, not caring for anyone but himself. We will write a custom essay sample on All over but the shoutin or any similar topic only for you Order Now Initially when Bragg arrived he was hesitant. He did not know the person his father had become and worried the erson he still was. Bragg was perplex about the state of his father. His father was physically unrecognizable and was not the man he had remembered. Bragg thought his father would be young, dressed nice and cleaned up very well. This was not the case. Bragg described his father as â€Å"the walking dead†, damaged and poisoned. He was no longer the man and monster Bragg had despised. Instead, a brittle snake skin of a man. In the end Bragg left with three gifts; a rifle, case full of books from his ather and a sense of somewhat forgiveness towards his father. After reading All Over but the Shoutin’, there was a lack of acknowledgement father to son. Although his father was fragile, Bragg wanted so badly to question his manhood; make him feel the pain he once felt because of him. He wanted his father to say he was sorry and admit to his wrongdoings. Braggs needed his father to acknowledge his mistakes. I sensed Bragg knew a coward could and would never do so. How to cite All over but the shoutin, Papers

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Women in Hamlet free essay sample

Frailty thy name is woman† Women in society’s eyes are seen and looked down upon as weak, insignificant and a lower species than that of men. Similarly in the play â€Å"Hamlet† by William Shakespeare, Hamlet’s view of women is decidedly dark. There are only two female characters in the play of Hamlet; Gertrude and Ophelia. In the play, the roles of women are minor yet essential to the plot and flow of the play. Ophelia and Gertrude are both unappreciated women that are considered frail and weak-minded by the men in their lives. Throughout â€Å"Hamlet† it is utmost apparent that women are completely dependent on men and they constantly need help and support from the men in their lives. Although both Gertrude and Ophelia are seen as insignificant figures, they are crucial to the plot and enhance the play. Gertrude is the first female character presents the reader that women are wholly dependent on men. We will write a custom essay sample on Women in Hamlet or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page This is obvious when she remarries her brother-in-law Claudius just 2 months after old King Hamlet’s death. Women are portrayed as beings that are unable to live without a man and constantly need one in their lives. That it should come to this! But two months dead: nay, not so much, not two: So excellent a king; that was, to this, Hyperion to a satyr; so loving to my mother That he might not beteem the winds of heaven Visit her face too roughly. Heaven and earth! Must I remember? why, she would hang on him, As if increase of appetite had grown By what it fed on: and yet, within a month—Let me not think ont—Frailty, thy name is woman! —† (1. 2 Line 6) Gertrude’s quick marriage may seem immoral to people but it is the only way for her to maintain her status as queen. However Gertrude’s role as a queen is overshadowed by King Claudius. Gertrude loves Hamlet, but her shallow and weak character flaws lose Hamlet’s respect. Hamlet is devastated by his father’s death and even more so by his mother’s quick remarriage. â€Å"So excellent a king, that was to this Hyperion to a satyr. So loving to my mother†(1. 2 Lines 139-140) His hatred is see in this quote as he calls Claudius a Satyr, half man half beast. This very hatred consumes him and further fuels his desire for revenge. Another female figure present throughout the play is Ophelia who is Hamlet’s love interest and like Gertrude she is also controlled including her father and her brother. Both men play a rather dominant role in her life. This is obvious when Ophelia fully takes their advice and stays away from Hamlet :â€Å"Then if he says he loves you, It fits your wisdom so far to believe it As he in his particular act and place Or lose your heart, or your chaste treasure open To his unmasterd importunity. Fear it, Ophelia, fear it, my dear sister,†(1. Line 3) Ophelia is also incapable of thinking for herself. She relies on her father to instruct her and submits entirely to his will. â€Å"Ophelia, Do not believe his vows; for they are brokers, Not of that dye which their investments show : I would not, in plain terms, from this time forth, have you so slander any moment leisure, as to give words or talk with the Lord Hamlet. Look tot, I charge you: come your ways. † OPHELIA: I shall obey, my lord. (Act 1, Scene 3, Line 8) In this quote, she proves her loyalty and dependence when she agrees to stay away from Hamlet and his false sentiments. Ophelia’s actions show that she will do anything to appease her father, even making a personal sacrifice which she does not agree with. Ironically, Ophelia’s dependence upon the men in her life ultimately leads to her tragic suicide. Each male character plays a key role in the cause of her suicidal death. While Laertes physically leaves Ophelia to live abroad, Hamlet abandons her as a lover and is at times ruthless and cold towards the innocent Ophelia. The last straw is the death of her father, Polonius, who is the most influential man in her life. Ophelia’s death strengthens the theme of revenge in the play as it makes Laertes resent Hamlet more because Hamlet has taken away the two people dearest to him. A comparison to real life can be made to American women in the early 40’s. During the 1940’s in the states, women were supposed to fulfill certain roles, such as a caring mother, a diligent homemaker, and an obedient wife. The perfect mother was supposed to stay home and nurture so society would accept them. A diligent housewife had dinner on the table precisely at the moment her husband arrived from work. Women were considered weak and looked down by society. Throughout the play â€Å"Hamlet†, Shakespeare focuses in portraying women as weak and incompetent figures. Both Gertrude and Ophelia allow themselves to be dominated by their male counterparts which lead to their demise at the end of the play. They play passive roles in the play, but are key to the flow and progression of the plot. Shakespeare effectively presents a weaker side of women in â€Å"Hamlet† which still remains a classic among many works of literature.

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applied sociology essays

applied sociology essays The results I found for attitudes towards suicide were what was expected. I ran the significance values for level of education (degree) and for age. However my disk contracted a virus and I lost my data set and was not able to run significance values for my other independent variables (age, income). What I found was that attitudes towards suicide were affected by degree and age. Degree was the most powerful predictor of attitudes towards suicide. I used the Somersd method because both the dependent variable and the independent variable had nominal values. The Somersd value was .187 and was significant at the 001 level. This means that there is a 18.7 or 19% reduction in error in predicting attitudes towards suicide by knowing the respondents highest degree earned. The higher someones education the more likely that they can see suicide acceptable in at least one situation. Table 1 shows the extremes of the degree category to display the strong correlation. We can see, of the respondents who had less than a High school Diploma only 54.6% of them could not see suicide acceptable in any of the four situations. Out of all the respondents who earned a high school diploma only 41% of them could not deem suicide acceptable in any situation and out of all the respondents who have higher than a high school diploma only 30% of them could not accept it in any situation. The Chi Square could not be interpreted because there was not 5 people in every cell. Technically in this circumstance we can not reject the null hypothesis, but there was only one cell with three and we found that there is a 19% significance value so we can assume that three is a relationship between our independent and dependent variables. TABLE 1. ATTITUDES TOWARDS SUICIDE AS COMPARED WITH Age was another strong predictor of attitudes towards suicide. Once again ...

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Max Planck Formulates Quantum Theory

Max Planck Formulates Quantum Theory In 1900, German theoretical physicist Max Planck revolutionized the field of physics by discovering that energy does not flow evenly but is instead released in discrete packets. Planck created an equation to predict this phenomenon, and his discovery ended the primacy of what  many people now call classical physics in favor of the study of quantum physics. The Problem Despite feeling that all was already known in the field of physics, there was still one problem that had plagued physicists for decades: They could not understand the surprising results they continued to get from heating surfaces that absorb all frequencies of light that hit them, otherwise known as black bodies. Try as they might, scientists could not explain the results using classical physics. The Solution Max Planck was born in Kiel, Germany, on April 23, 1858, and was considering becoming a professional pianist before a teacher turned his attention to science. Planck went on to receive degrees from the University of Berlin and the University of Munich. After spending four years as an associate professor of theoretical physics at Kiel University, Planck moved to the University of Berlin, where he became a full professor in 1892. Plancks passion was thermodynamics. While researching black-body radiation, he too kept running into the same problem as other scientists. Classical physics could not explain the results he was finding. In 1900, 42-year-old  Planck discovered an equation that explained the results of these tests: ENhf, with Eenergy, Ninteger, hconstant, ffrequency. In determining this equation, Planck came up with the constant (h), which is now known as Plancks constant. The  amazing part of Plancks discovery was that energy, which appears to be emitted in wavelengths, is actually discharged in small packets he called quanta. This new theory of energy revolutionized physics and opened the way for Albert Einsteins theory of relativity. Life After Discovery At first, the magnitude of Plancks discovery was not fully understood. It wasnt until Einstein and others used quantum theory for even further advancements in physics that the revolutionary nature of his discovery was realized. By 1918, the scientific community was well aware of the  importance of Plancks work and awarded him  the Nobel Prize in Physics. He continued to conduct research and contribute further to the advancement of physics, but nothing compared to his 1900 findings. Tragedy in His Personal Life While he achieved much in his professional life, Plancks personal life was marked by tragedy. His first wife died in 1909, his oldest son, Karl, during  World War I. Twin girls,  Margarete and Emma, both later died in childbirth. And his youngest son, Erwin, was implicated in the failed  July Plot to kill Hitler and was hanged. In 1911, Planck did remarry and had one son, Hermann. Planck decided to remain in Germany during World War II. Using his clout, the physicist  tried to stand up for Jewish scientists, but with little success. In protest, Planck resigned as president of the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute in 1937. In 1944, a bomb dropped during an Allied air raid hit his house, destroying many of his possessions, including all his scientific notebooks.   Max Planck died on October 4, 1947, at the age of 89.

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Interpersonal Conflict in Film Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Interpersonal Conflict in Film - Essay Example Based on the movie presented, there were two identified sources of conflict. One of these conflicts is the people-focused conflicts and the other one is the informational deficiencies. People-focused conflicts were based on emotions and feelings and present an argument by means of personal attack (Hammond, 2011, n.p.). People-focused conflict was demonstrated on the film when Sarah attacked the personal integrity of Hitch as a date doctor, seeing Hitch’s job as a scam. People-focused conflict does not only center on the main characters since it is a movie dealing with emotions. In fact, people-focused conflicts were also observed on Albert’s confrontation with Hitch telling him that love was not Hitch’s life but his job; on Sarah’s best friend attacking the integrity of the unknown date doctor; on a newspaper vendor judging Albert as Allegra’s boyfriend; and on people in the story who judged Hitch’s personality. Actually, the movie projected a predominantly people-focused conflict against the main actor, making him the person to blame for all of the related conflicts.  On the other hand, informational deficiencies such as misinterpretation from different conclusions were observed. This was demonstrated on judging Hitch unfairly as a date doctor. His viewpoints about his work have been different from the understanding of society and interpersonal conflict arises because of misunderstanding.Effective Handling of Conflict